Craft a Beverage Training Program That Delivers
True Results
It's a tall order. But in reality, it's the only thing that matters: Results.
We have the right tool box to help you get the job done. And it’s custom all the way. We build on the latest learning technologies, along with our own bespoke learning strategies, courses and templates.
Join in as we craft a plan with 4 key stages:
Identify and get to know your learning goals and profit centers
Measure your Team’s current learning baseline aligned with your goals and profit centers
Select a portal type, craft courses and select the learning formats to close knowledge gaps, inspire learning and motivate performance
Establish an ongoing plan for knowledge assessment, closing knowledge gaps and managing learning refresh
How to Begin:
Know Your Team's
Knowledge Baseline
You Can't Improve Unless You Measure
Is your business whiskey-focused? How about wine-focused? Or perhaps beer-focused? You know the categories you want to grow and which deliver your best margins. Now it’s time to develop your staff expertise to drive those sales.
Your Team's Knowledge Baseline is the Right Place to Start
But how will you know where to start - and how will you know your training efforts are getting through? The answer: first get to know your staff's initial knowledge baseline. Then use that baseline to develop a targeted learning plan to drive sales right where you want them.
Select the Level of Detail that Matches Your Business
Different jobs within the organization will drive different types of sales and have closer contact with customers or buyers. We'll want to keep that in mind as we work together to design the different levels of measuring each employee type's baseline.
Fit your Style: Opt for
Self-Paced Learning
Going self-paced allows for maximum flexibility and employee buyin
It might be that self-paced learning, done through online modules, is the most efficient and effective way for your team to go. Testing ensures compliance, and allowing employees to train when it is most convenient for them improves learning.
A Rich course library, fully customizable for your Goals
Start with our online course library to develop your basic curriculum, then customize the content to highlight information which will drive emphasis on your focus categories and profit centers. Our self-paced course library includes:
Category Basics
Leading Brands
Service & Menu Templates
Options to include Origins, Styles, Standards, Production, Label Reading
Leading brands discussed by pricing segment, origins, key features
Course templates to plug in your drink and food menus, order of service, service do's and don'ts and customer-guest role play
Fit Your Style: Opt For
Blended Learning
With Live & Online Learning
The Most Efficient, Impactful & Targeted Way To Go
Training costs money, both in terms of your trainers and your staff. Blended learning is designed to break down your training to use less expensive online learning for more basic and less hands-on training and saving the more expensive live training for more intensive topics where demonstration and interaction will pay greater dividends.
Two Formats, One Blended Learning Path
Even though you will be training using online and live formats, your overall program management can be most efficiently handled by an online curriculum manager. This will center your activities in a single place for learners to go to view their curriculum, access course materials and view the schedule for live training whether online (e.g., ZOOM) or in-person, review exercises, tests and tracking personal results.
Fit Your Style: Opt For
Micro & Gamified Learning
Micro Learning Is Hot, Because It Works
Micro-learning is about making your eLearning 'bite-sized', easier to complete, and laser focused, so as to avoid learner fatigue and boredom. We offer a popular 'swipe left or right' micro-module format that keeps the learning moving and lets learners decide when they are ready to move to the next micro-learning set.
Learning Competitions/Rewards are Hot, Because they Work
Friendly employee competitions are one of the most popular and most successful ways to engage your learners and maintain interest and learning motivation. We work with many custom learning technologies which offer both simple and multi-layered gamification tools.
Training using Learning Games is Hot, Because they Work
Learning competitions can be organized around test scores, completion rates or any number of metrics. One additional option is learning games, where the learning is in the game as opposed to course-like. For example, our popular ‘Wine Seller’ game is a great customizable template which adds engagement to any curriculum.
Fit Your Style: Opt For
Brand, Menu, Service & Sales Integration
Begin with basic beverage training covering Wine, Spirits and Beer styles,brands, features and mixology.
Then, integrate learning for featured brand and menu content, plus service and sales best practices. The result, a complete beverage training program.
We offer full platform integration support to make your perfect program scope a seamless reality. We support system training and any needed fixes along the way, leaving you to focus on providing the best program experience for your valued team.
Leveraging Supplier Content is Easy
A great way to save on basic and brand-specific content creation is to tap into courses, videos and live webinars offered by suppliers to enhance your beverage program. We offer easy learning platform integration to deliver these important cost savings and professional training resources for your program.