Every Bartender Deserves Training on What They're Asked to Pour.

With LIQUID-UTM, you can measure the skills level of each Bartender, and give them the self-paced, mobile friendly, Spirits, Wine, Beer & skills training they deserve.

Every Server Deserves to Know the Wines They're Asked to Sell.

With LIQUID-UTM, every server can learn the basics about wine types, taste profiles, geography and how to read a wine label.

Every Retail Clerk Deserves to Know How a Whiskey Differs from a Wine.

With LIQUID-UTM, your sales clerks will "wow" customers with clear explanations covering Spirits, Wine and Beer - never letting a sale go by.

Every Sales Team Should Be Armed With Compelling Facts That Sell.

With LIQUID-UTM, Distributor & Supplier Sales Teams of all levels can learn Spirit, Wine & Beer basics, as well as compelling sales strategies that build confidence to close the sale.

Customize Your Courses to Fit Your Staffing Needs

Category Basics

LIQUID-UTM covers the essential basics like spirit, wine & beer types, definitions, ingredients and label reading. Your employees will understand what makes each style of spirit, wine or beer unqiue, and they'll gain the confidence to explain those differences to customers. Each course is beautifully illustrated and interactive with custom audio, featured videos and learning exercises.

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Preview: Category Basics Modules

Agave Spirits Category Basics


Wine Basics: Introduction to Wine

Production Models

Production Models is one place where LIQUID-U™ really excels. With each interactive Production Model, your staff will gain an understanding of how each wine, spirit or beer gets its essential taste components and properties - from grains, to grapes, fermentation, distillation, aging, blending and finishing. These are the details that today's wine, spirits & beer drinkers want to know about.

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Preview: Two of Our Amazing Production Models
*For Tablet/Computer Viewing

American Whiskey Production


Gin Production

Selling Strategies

Great for Distributors, Career Bartenders or Beverage/Retail Managers, we offer training on Selling Strategies and Conversation Starters. Here we focus on the unique points of key Spirits, Wine & Beer segments. For example, what are the 'must know' points to confidently talk to your Suppliers; or what are the best history, production or product attributes of each category to lead your customers to request higher value styles. It's an art and a science - and it's an area of training unique to LIQUID-U™.

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Preview: Powerful Strategy Education
*For Tablet/Computer Viewing

American Whiskey Sales Strategies


Scotch Whisky Sales Strategies

Marketplace Insights

This final part of the process puts it all together - outlining leading brands according to style and price segment. Without showing favoratism to any particular supplier, this module adds an essential context for your staff to see the marketplace of brands objectively. Staff learn where each fits, and how it compliments a modern day portfolio. It's another LIQUID-U™ feature you won't find anywhere else.

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Preview: Marketplace Insights

The Brandy/Cognac Category


The Irish Whiskey Category


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